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Did Your Spouse “Gift” You With A Surprise?

FACT: With cheating on the rise, STDs are spreading like wildfire.

Both men and women suffer when an STD is passed along.

Here’s something to consider:

FACT: When women have an STD, they might not show any symptoms.

Allow me to quickly explain some of the symptoms a woman might suffer from:


If You Are Squeamish, You Might Want To Skip This Section.

STD Symptoms For Women

Discharge: Vaginal discharge due to an STD can show up highly viscous or runny. Your discharge colour can be green, yellow or white.
Itching: If you suddenly have an urge to itch where once you did not, there is a chance you have an STD.
Blisters: Do you have blisters on your genitals? This is a common sign of an STD.
Pain: When you urinate, does it hurt? If so, seek immediate medical attention.
It Hurts To…: Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? If so, seek immediate medical attention.

If you have ANY of the above symptoms seek medical attention.

If you have suspicions about your spouse cheating, seek medical attention. You could have an STD and not even know it.

In many cases, a yeast infection can turn out to be an STD.

Remember: If your STD test comes back clean, it DOES NOT MEAN your spouse is NOT cheating. This is where Edmonton Private Investigators comes in. We offer free consultations and use cutting-edge surveillance technology to reveal the truth to you.

Of course, we know that women also cheat on their spouses.

STD Signs For Men

Discharge: Your penis is discharging clear, white or yellow ooze. It can be viscous or not.
Pain: When you urinate, does it hurt?
Blisters: Do you have blisters on your penis?
Bumps: Do you have strange bumps or other anomalies on your penis?
Rash: Do you have a rash in your groin area? It could even be on your penis.
Itching: This one is quite obvious. Does your penis itch?

Put your mind at ease. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, yet have zero signs of an STD, you should contact Edmonton Private Investigators for your free consultation.

Catching the cheater in action will put your mind at ease and allow you to move on with your life.

Chances are, if you have a “gut-feeling” it is correct.

Never allow your suspected cheating spouse to brush off your concerns. Cheating spouses will make every attempt at making you feel guilty for questioning their “loyalty.”

Remember, if you are exhibiting any of the aforementioned symptoms; seek medical attention before contacting Edmonton Private Investigators.


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